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"Glasgow High Rise Tower"

"Glasgow High Rise Tower"

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Project: Glasgow High Rise Tower
Survey Date: November 2016

Reported Issues: Draughts within properties and some minor areas of water ingress

Survey Type: Infrared Thermal Imaging Cladding Analysis Survey

Survey Outcome: Our highly detailed Thermographic Survey revealed no issues with the newly installed over cladding, but pinpointed areas of cold air ingress around many of the double glazed window units.

The client has since used the information contained within our report to put a programme of remedial works in place to improve the buildings’ Thermal Performance.

Curtins Engineering consultancy asked for our expertise in Thermography after a number of issues including draughts and some minor water ingress problems had arisen following an insulation over cladding project at a multi-storey tower block just outside Glasgow.

We carried out a comprehensive internal and external Thermal Imaging Survey of the tower block to build a complete data set of how the newly installed cladding and building envelope, as a whole, was performing.

The findings of our report revealed that the cladding, which was suspected as being the source of the problems, had in fact been installed to a very high standard and was performing extremely well. We also discovered that the issues being experienced by almost all occupants were a result of the double glazing units which appeared to have gaps around the frames which was allowing cold air to find its way into the properties.

As with many of our other investigations, this is a great example of the “most likely” cause of an issue turning out to not actually have anything to do with the root of the problems!

In this instance the information uncovered by our survey techniques proved invaluable to the client, who may otherwise have had to completely remove and replace the cladding system at a cost of over £1million. They were able to get to the root cause of the issues and put a comprehensive programme of targeted remedial works in place to improve the building’s Thermal Performance and ensure that the occupants would remain comfortable during the winter months and be able to reduce the costs of heating their homes.

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