HMS Unicorn – Thermal Imaging Moisture Survey

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"HMS Unicorn – Thermal Imaging Moisture Survey"

"HMS Unicorn – Thermal Imaging Moisture Survey"

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Project: HMS Unicorn

Survey Date: April 2014

Reported Issues: Minor water ingress

Survey Type: Infrared Thermal Imaging

Survey Outcome: Our highly detailed Thermographic Survey revealed some minor areas dampness and decay in the timbres of the lower section of the ships Keel.

Elliott & Co Consulting Engineers asked us to become involved with an exciting and unusual project aboard the HMS Unicorn, the oldest, still afloat, wooden navel warship, moored at Dundee’s Victoria Dock.

We carried out a comprehensive internal Thermal Imaging Survey of the lower decks of the vessel to gather a complete data set of the internal wooden structure.

We discovered a number of minor areas where moisture had begun to penetrate the timbers of the vessel, this information allowed the trust who manage the ship to look into options for preserving the timbres and take action before the decay had caused any real damage. Finding the areas of dampness early also meant that the preservation works which were required were able to be kept to a minimum.

Built for the Royal Navy during peacetime at Chatham Dockyard, Kent and launched in 1824, the Frigate Unicorn is one of the World’s most remarkable historic ships and Scotland’s only example of a wooden warship. The Frigate Unicorn’s lack of active duty left her timbers well preserved and she is now a historic ship and visitor attraction in Dundee.

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