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ELD Test at SAMS, Oban
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Another Defect free Flat Roof thanks to our Electronic Leak Detection Testing

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Project: Scottish Association for Marine Science
Survey Date: August 2018

Reported Issues: Wear & tear leading to water ingress

Survey Type: Electronic Leak Detection Test

Survey Outcome: We comprehensively tested the newly installed single ply membrane using ELD and found zero defects, allowing us to issue a certificate of integrity.

Fife based flat roofing specialists Aspire Membranes asked us to test a newly completed overlay of one of the roofs at S.A.M.S. in Oban, one of Europe’s leading Marine Science research centres, which hosts Marine Biologists whilst they study the Scottish coastline.

The relatively compact roof spanned 325m2, featuring 14 roof lights and a central drainage channel.

What made this roof particularly special is that when we tested it at completion in mid-August 2018, using the Non-Destructive method of Electronic Leak Detection, there wasn’t a single defect or even so much as a pinhole in the single ply membrane – which was a first in eight and a half years’ worth of testing for ECO Surveys.

This may sound surprising if you are unfamiliar with flat roofing installations, but sadly, damages often occur to brand new, and often very expensive roofs during or shortly after installation.

Carelessness is often the biggest culprit - practices such as scaffolding tubes and tools being thrown onto the body of the roof as well as poor housekeeping practices which result foreign objects being left on the roof, such as self-tapping screws, pot rivets, grinding disc etc, can all very easily puncture a single ply membrane.

A competent roofing firm and vigilant, pro-active project manager or clerk of works can be instrumental in ensuring that best practices are adhered to, however it simply isn’t possible to monitor every operative on a site at all times.

That’s why we advise our clients to carry out an Electronic Leak Detection test prior to the project handover and thereafter at 6 -12 month intervals, depending on the intensity of foot traffic upon the roof.

The ELD test will detect even the smallest defect in single ply membrane or felt roofing with pinpoint accuracy, allowing repairs to be easily implemented.

For more information on Electronic Leak Detection Testing and how it could prolong the lifespan of your flat roof, see our Electronic Leak Detection page or give us a call for a free consultation.

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