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"One of the UK pioneers of professional Aerial Surveys & Aerial Thermal Imaging Surveys."

"One of the UK pioneers of professional Aerial Surveys & Aerial Thermal Imaging Surveys."

Our Aerial Thermography

As one of the UK pioneers of professional Aerial Surveys & Aerial Thermal Imaging Surveys, we have a wealth of experience in detecting problems and faults in Buildings, Pylons, Wind Turbines and Oil Platforms.

Aerial Surveys are the safest and quickest way to comprehensively inspect and document the condition of high rise structure which can often be difficult or dangerous to access. We now also offer full 4K High Resolution imaging and video, allowing every element or component to be inspected in stunning detail, no matter how small or inaccessible.

Many of our clients in heavy industry rely on our Aerial Imaging Inspections to ensure that their infrastructure stays in working order and that any small problems are detected early and remedied quickly.

Similar to our ground based Inspections the airborne surveys we conduct are completely non destructive and are by far the most effective method of detecting, otherwise unseen, defects.

Aerial Surveys negate many of the Health & Safety risks associated with more traditional, physical inspections - Because the surveying is conducted entirely from the ground, there’s virtually no risk to personnel as they no longer have to work at height.

Once our inspection has been conducted, Eco Surveys deliver a highly detailed defect report giving a comprehensive breakdown of each area of concern, whilst highlighting any areas for further investigation.

All of our Pilots are fully insured and licensed and also take care of all necessary paperwork, flight permissions and contact with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) where required.
If you are interested in a commissioning a professional Aerial Survey Programme please contact our head office for a no obligation consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

Key benefits of Aerial Surveys

  • Accurately locate latent defects within difficult to access systems / installations.
  • Easily inspect inaccessible and structurally unstable roofs / areas without scaffolding.
  • Perfect Test for Electrical Pylons, Wind Turbines, Oil Platforms and raised structures.
  • Mitigate all of the Health & Safety Risks associated with working at height.

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