BREEAM Thermographic Surveys

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"A Thermographic Survey can now secure credits in a BREEAM assessment of a new building."

BREEAM Thermal Imaging Surveys

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for recording the impact of buildings and communities. It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and has become the de facto measure used to reflect a building’s true environmental performance.

The BREEAM Assessment is used to ensure delivery of a functional and sustainable asset designed and built in accordance with performance expectations set out at project initiation. BREEAM now takes Thermographic Surveys into account as a measurement tool to gather real, as built, data from a building and offers credits towards the overall score within the Sustainable Procurement (MAN 01) section of the Assessment.

Our BREEAM Thermographic Surveys ensure that all elements of the building fabric that enclose an internal heated and/or conditioned (treated) zone of the building, including internal walls separating treated and untreated zones, are fully tested for any potential building defects to ensure that there is no excessive Thermal Bridging or Air Leakage pathways from the building and to check that the continuity of insulation is in accordance with the intended design.

All of our Thermographers are highly skilled and experienced, holding a minimum of Level 2 Certification in Thermography, and carry out our BREEAM Thermal Imaging Surveys in accordance with BS EN13187 and BRE 176 Standards, using high end thermal imaging systems to ensure the best possible level of detail.

At the end of each project we deliver a comprehensive Inspection Report which gives a clear and concise view of any defects or potential issues, as well as recommendations for remedial action, allowing you to quickly and accurately implement any required improvements.

Key benefits of a BREEAM Thermographic Survey

  • Gain 1 BREEAM Credit towards your Assessment.
  • Easily identify areas of missing/defective insulation.
    Quickly pinpoint Thermal Bridges in the construction.
  • Identify areas at risk from mould and condensation.
  • Quick, Accurate & Completely Non Destructive.
  • Demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations (Section 6 in Scotland).
  • Provide quality control following the installation of cavity wall insulation.
  • Satisfy requirements for BREEAM Assessments (Management Man 01: Sustainable procurement).

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