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ELD Test of flat roofing
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"Electronic Leak Detection provides a completely Non Destructive means of detecting the source of leaks on all types of Flat Roofing."

Our Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection provides a completely Non Destructive means of detecting the source of leaks on most Flat Roofing.

ELD is a priceless technique in roof leak detection, especially when defects can literally be the size of a pinhole, which are often impossible to see with the naked eye.

The ELD test works by passing a small electrical current through the equipment via a special phosphor-bronze brush head.

The electrically charged brush is then passed over the roof covering to detect any defects.

A signal is received by the equipment when the electrical current can pass through the roof covering, thus marking the precise location of any pinholes / defects.

This method of Roof Leak Detection is suitable for use on almost all Single Ply Membrane Roof coverings, Mineral Felt and even Asphalt* (to a depth of around 35mm). Please note that ELD is not compatible with EPDM coverings due to their electrical insulating properties.

As part of our testing we provide a comprehensive Inspection Report at the end of each project, which contains visual images of any damaged / defective areas as well as comments and recommendations for remedying each individual defect.

We also offer free re-testing of all patch repairs, providing these are carried out during our visit to site.

Commercial Clients can benefit from a reduced rate on regular ELD Testing when signing up on a contract basis.

Regular Electronic Leak Detection enables identification of defects at an early stage keeping your building dry and repair costs down.

 This in turn helps promote the longevity of your roof and helps to avoid unnecessary and costly roof repairs.

Key benefits of Electronic Leak Detection

  • Quickly identify the exact source of roof leaks.
  • Highly accurate test method locates¬†punctures, tears and pinholes.
  • Removes Guesswork and ensures nothing is missed.
  • Extends the Lifespan of your Flat Roof.
  • Fast, affordable results every time.
  • Does NOT affect your Roof Guarantee.
  • Completely Non Destructive.

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