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Eco Surveys
Advanced Thermal
Imaging & NDT

Advanced Thermal Imaging From Eco Surveys

ECO Surveys offer a wide range of Thermal Imaging Surveys, Building Investigations and Non Destructive Testing services throughout Scotland and the whole of the United Kingdom.

Our comprehensive expertise in Thermography and NDT can be applied to many commercial and domestic applications such as pinpointing heat loss from buildings, analysing the performance of insulation and cladding, locating the source of leaks and water ingress, finding electrical faults, predicting mechanical failures and locating buried services to name just a few.


Commercial Thermal Imaging

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Domestic Thermal Imaging

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Electronic Leak Detection

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What Eco Surveys Can Do For You

Save Time, Save Money, Save Energy


Save Time

All of our Non Destructive Tests and Thermal Imaging Surveys are designed to pinpoint the root causes of latent defects without any disruption to building fabric or Electrical & Mechanical installations – avoiding disruption and saving you time!


Save Money

Stop paying Tradesmen and Engineers by the hour to find the proverbial needle in a haystack! Our cutting edge equipment and survey techniques can quickly and accurately locate faults and give you the information you need to have the right repair carried out first time – saving you huge sums of money over the traditional destructive investigations!


Save Energy

Our Thermal Imaging Surveys can highlight where your home or office building is losing massive amounts of heat and recommend where you can make improvements to ensure you stay warm – as well as conserving energy!

Expert Thermal Imaging Survey

If your building is cold or leaky, if your machinery is unreliable or if your electrical system is prone to failure, our advanced Thermal Imaging Surveys can save you time, money and energy!

All of our services use the principle of Non Destructive Testing which offers huge advantages over traditional methods – one of the biggest being that we don’t have to take things apart, so there’s no mess and no inconvenience – we just find the problems so that you can fix them.

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